About Us


Nordic by birth, global by nature.

Only by leaving home will you truly learn to appreciate it. And where there is appreciation there is pride; in our culture, our language, our unique way of life. As a team compiled of professionals who are native to one of these five tiny countries we call Scandinavia, we’re passionate about introducing our world to yours. 

“Authentically Nordic” is our telling slogan – but it is also our promise to you: we will emerge your people, customers and brand in our culture and language – we will make you feel Nordic.


Alvin D. Leer, Founder/Owner


Say "Hei" to Our Team in Oslo, Norway

We’d like to proudly introduce our Management and In-House Linguistic teams.
Champions in their respective fields, these are the people that form the glue that
makes us bond as a team, and that makes you stick around.

The Management

Our team of managers, admin gurus, heroes, language magicians …

Hanna Heggstad

Operations Manager

With a strong professional and educational background in quality management, Hanna manages our daily operations. Hanna is fluent in Norwegian, English, and French.

Cristina Alfranca

Project Manager

Cristina has several years of project manager experience from the corporate sphere as well as within the translation industry. Cristina speaks Spanish, English, French, and German.

Karolina Kryvitska

Project Manager

Karolina is an experienced PM with a master degree from Poland. She speaks Polish and Ukrainian in addition to English, a subject she has taught at pre-school level.

Samantha Armiger

Finance Manager

Our very own finance consultant/guru, Samantha utilizes her two degrees and  years of experience within corporate finance and accounting.

Norin Neville

outreach manager

A former CEO, Norin speaks business. fluently. Norin manages our daily outreach activities, focusing on new business opportunities in the
B2B space.

The Norwegians

     Our Featured Norwegian Translators

Einar M.


Thomas H.


Henrik N.


Trude J.


The Scandinavians

Our Featured Scandinavian Translators

Kalle F.


Torben H.


Olof P.


Miro H.



We Work Hard to Make Quality and Authenticity Affordable.

How, you ask?

Virtually Perfect

The world is shifting towards flexible working,
and we're at the forefront of the shift. Our communications and collaboration systems work seamlessly to ensure you receive
no-fuzz service.

Let's Talk Tech

Born in an age where all is accessible at the click of a button, we've never had to adapt to the latest tech – we were built on it. Continously using the latest technology makes us more efficient than the rest.

Money Matters

Pioneering financial stability for translators, we've found a win-win-winning formula: Translators with guaranteed work translates to (no pun intended) better rates for us and, in turn,
better rates for you.

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Want To Discuss A Project?

We will do our upmost to cater to your language needs, whatever they may be.
We handle projects of all shapes and sizes and we typically respond
within 12 hours on any business day.